FREE (!) Bonus Workshop for Overseas Convention Attendees!

  • Date: Thursday, May 9

  • Time: 3:30pm to 4:20pm

  • Venue: 17 Malcolm Road

Public presentations have been made for millennia. “PowerPoint” was only born in 1987. Whilst for generations speakers did just fine, today it’s hard to imagine a presentation being made without “PowerPoint”. Audience eyes are typically focused on slides, even moreso than on speakers. Parallels to watching cinema are made. No surprise there: the whole idea of a speaker using images is one that was taken from the movie industry!

It’s 2019. It’s time to up our game. New tools need to be adopted. This time from the rock music industry. Electrical equipment has long been used by rock stars to influence and direct audience attention. These same means are ideally suited for the modern speaker. We’ve got to get with the beat!

As a special gift to participants of the 2019 Asia Professional Speakers Convention, Radislav Gandapas will be conducting a unique & focused master-class. He will be sharing key extracts from his experience in utilizing multimedia for public speaking presentations. He will be demonstrating how this is done, such that presentations become more memorable & vibrant, and audiences are more integrated and inspired. He will be providing insights for those who truly want to SPEAK THE FUTURE!

Pre-Convention Workshop on How to Use Multimedia in Speeches

by Radislav Gandapas
Limited Seats Available. Reserve Your Spot Here!

President of the Commonwealth of Independent States Speakers Association (CISSA), Radislav Gandapas is the most highly decorated public speaking and leadership specialist in the Russian-speaking world. He is often been called the Tony Robbins of the Russian speaking world.

Radislav has been serving others for over 20 years. He’s conducted over 1200 training sessions, and addressed over 110,000 individuals in doing so.

Accoladed as “Best Coach in Russia” on 3 separate occasions, and winner of an award for Best Business Book in Russia for his work “Leadership Charisma”, Radislav is the author of 10 books. For over 10 years, his book “The Kama Sutra of Public Speaking” has been a best seller in it’s category. Radislav has created 14 films (& video programs) dedicated to helping individuals and teams become better versions of themselves. More recently, online programs connected to three separate streams have begun going live: leadership; public speaking; and emotional intelligence.

Radislav plays both the drums and the synthesizer. He’s recorded two albums, and has been on stage as a musician at rock-festivals and on tv. He has always looked for new ways to make presentations more interesting, effective and informative. The fruits of his efforts of over 15 years of experimentation will be tabled for those who attend. Don’t miss it!