James Taylor
Speaker Bio

James Taylor is an award-winning speaker and internationally recognized leader in creativity and innovation. For over 20 years, he has been teaching entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, writers and rockstars how to unlock creativity, accelerate innovation, and adapt to change. 

As the founder of SuperCreativityU, SpeakersU and host of The SuperCreativity Podcast and TV Show, he’s taught thousands of individuals in over 120 countries through his online courses, books, videos and keynote speeches. 

Today James Taylor provides speaking, consulting and executive coaching services to many of the Fortune 500 including Apple, Visa, UPS, Dell Technologies, IBM, Cisco, McDonalds and Johnson & Johnson. An in-demand business creativity expert, he has been featured in countless media outlets and was the subject of a 30 minute BBC documentary about his life and work. 

James is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (F.R.S.A.) whose Fellows have included global innovators and leaders including President Benjamin Franklin, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Bob Dylan, Adam Smith, Nelson Mandela and Professor Stephen Hawking.


How To Future-Proof Your Speaking Business

Designing a sustainable, successful and profitable speaking business that can survive and thrive during economic storms.

Ask any professional speaker who has been in this business for more than ten years and they will tell you what it’s like when the economy crashes and suddenly all the speaking gigs dry up. It happened in the USA in 2001 and 2008, in Asia in 1997, and during the global pandemic of 2020-22. So how do you ensure that your speaking career can survive when the economy takes a tumble? Based on extensive interviews with over 140 speakers, James Taylor shares the key principles for building a successful, sustainable and profitable all-weather speaking business. 

The key takeaways from his session will be:

1. How to avoid going from feast to famine in your speaking business.

2. The five income streams you must develop around your speaking brand.

3. How to design a speaking business for maximum freedom in your life.