Elizabeth Nair
Speaker Bio

Elizabeth Nair is the COO and Co-Founder of Beti.Beta. She is passionate about understanding how the world works around us and how we can change it. From keeping an eye out on the latest experimental technologies to breaking down how emotions contribute to our understanding of topics, she is just trying to piece it all together. 

Her thesis on how emotions and technology affects how to view the news hopes to break down the perils of overconsumption coupled with our fast paced lifestyle with little time for self. Her life’s work has been creating spaces for others to take the time to look inwards, at each other and around.

From working with the Singapore government to create apps to make citizen’s life smoother and more fulfilled, to teaching DEI education courses to Google agencies to create more reflective ads, to working nonprofits to help fund their projects for women and girls in need around the world. She has dipped her toes in as many industries as she can (technology, waste management, fashion, shipping etc) and has no plans to stop being curious. She believes that keeping an open mind to the smallest of possibilities is the key to being excited about growing.


Future Trends & How to Get Radical about It

Do you remember we actually believed we would have flying cars by 2020? Why didn’t we go to the moon more & why are we focusing on Mars now? 

Gas lobbyists in America ensured that car technology doesn’t move forward without them, private companies live off selling data and the space race was so political that once there was a “winner”, people stopped caring as much. The world has never moved so quickly and slowly at the same time & we are at the heart of it.

The behaviours of the people driving the change and those it affects, greatly impact the outcome of a trend. There will always be future trends that excite, confuse and terrify but how do you know which ones to focus on? This is where we explore & expand on some future trends, the behaviours behind it and what you can really do about it.

Three Takeaways from the seaaion will be:

  1. Future trends and the Behaviours Nudging Them 

  2. How to Hack Behaviours 

  3. Applying a Radical Mindset