Delegate Care

Dear Delegates,

Thank you for your interest in joining our Digital Convention 2020 “Write The Future – Its a Blank Canvas. Leap Now.”

My name is Amit Prakash and I am in-charge of Delegate Care.

We have listed down some common questions that may come to your mind. Please refer to them for better understanding about the convention. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to write to us at or WhatsApp message me at +65 8233 0072.

I and my colleague Irene will be happy to assist. Looking forward to seeing and serving you in the convention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the in-person convention going digital in 2020?

Yes, it is. We expect international travel to be restricted and there is still a risk when there is currently no way of detecting Covid 19 infected people who are asymptomatic.

What is the theme of Digital Convention 2020?

WTF – Write the Future. It’s a blank canvas. Leap now.

What does WTF stand for in our theme?

Write the Future. We know it’s provocative. Some of us have a preconceived idea of these three letters. This is the point – can we change our mind and see the alternative, to Write the Future, rather than be stuck in past thinking?

What are the various tracks for the Digital Convention 2020?

What are the fees for the Digital Convention 2020?

Why are there three tiers of pricing for the convention?

This is to support all our members based on their current economic condition.

If I have registered and paid for the APSC2020 convention previously, do I still need to register for the Digital Convention 2020?

No, you do not need to register. We will register you and you will receive a link to the event one week before.

If I got a refund for the convention or if I don’t have the ticket for the APSC2020 convention, what do I need to pay for the digital convention?

Are bulk tickets available for Global Speakers Federation speaking associations?

Yes. Bulk purchase of tickets of 20 and above are priced at SGD99 per ticket. Please contact us at to make your purchase. Please note that one would need to purchase at least 20 tickets to qualify for this group buy price.

As an APSS member, can I bring in a first-timer at a special price?

Yes. The special price is $99. This first timer should not have attended any APSS meetings and events in the last 2 years. Email for the purchase of first-timer tickets.

I attended the Super Pre-Convention for free using my APSC2021 Convention ticket, so can I still refund my main convention ticket?

A. Yes, we can give you a refund of the 2020/2021 Convention fee you paid minus the Super Pre-Convention fee. For example, if you paid $499 for the Convention, you will receive $450 back ($499 – $49). Please note that if you later decide you’d like to attend the APSC2020 WTF Convention, you will need to pay $149 for it. (It’s free if you don’t refund your original ticket.) Also, if you later decide to attend the APSC2021 Convention, you’ll need to pay the fee that’s charged at that time (the Early Bird fee is $499, and the cost goes up over time – it’s also free if you don’t refund your original ticket!)

What if I can’t attend any session in person?

You will get recordings of the sessions.

What if the time zone differences do not work for me to attend all the sessions?

Option 1: You will get recordings of the sessions.

Option 2: You can buy individual tracks, suitable to your time zone.

How is the Digital Convention 2020 (WTF Convention) linked with the Convention in 2021 (APSC2021)?

There is a combo of Digital Convention 2020 and APSC2021 Convention. Early Bird Ticket for members is at SGD499 and for non-members is at SGD588.

How can I join APSS as a member?

It’s easy!  Check it out here –

What is the hashtag for Digital Convention 2020?


Where are the links to different tracks?

All registered participants will get links one week in advance.

What is the technology used and what gadgets would I need?

We expect to use a major conferencing platform and delegates would only need their laptop and an Internet connection to participate.