David JP Phillips
Speaker Bio

David JP Phillips is the founder of Sweden’s largest Presentation Skills training company, international speaker, author & coach, started to help people around the world in the greatest ways with their skills in communicating with others. 

David JP Phillips is best known for his book/ seminar “How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint“, delivered at TEDx Stockholm in 2015.

Published in more than 30 countries, the book explains efficiently and in an entertaining tone, 42 techniques on how to dramatically increase the efficiency of your communication all while remembering that the main presentation is yourself, while all the slide decks that many of us sweat over are merely a visual aid. 

With a seldom seen depth of knowledge and passion for his subject, David has become the leading Swedish figurehead in the art of making presentations.

After some years, he made sure to make people understand another skill that we have used for thousands of years. A skill that we can master even more and make sure to use in our daily life. Specificly in our business life.So in  his second TEDx Stockholm talk, David shows you how to become a great presenter, salesperson or even a leader using the power of storytelling.


The Magical Science Of Storytelling 

You are defined by the stories you tell others about yourself. And the same applies to your business. Using storytelling in your business and sales will make the difference in your clients perception of your company and your product. So what is Storytelling, and how do you use it? Listen to David JP Phillips describe Storytelling from a scientific standpoint and learn how to use it to increase sales, brand awareness and client connections.

The 3 key takeaways from his session will be:

1. What is storytelling and why is it so important to use?

2. How do you use storytelling?

3. How do you start crafting your story?