Christian Chua
Speaker Bio

Christian Chua is a veteran business motivator known for his thought-provoking presentations. He is a down to earth friend to his peers and shares his wisdom generously with all who ask.

He is humorous but also sensitive, and he asks you to be kind in your comments after his presentation.


Mindshift – Business breakthrough moments

When were your thoughts last triggered that sparked an outburst of new ideas? How would you like an avalanche of fresh ideas to leapfrog your business to a new high?

If you are looking for ways to stay motivated during these challenging times or desire to generate breakthrough ideas, veteran motivational speaker Christian Chua will shift your mind in the high-impact session, Mindshift – changing the way you see things

The 3 key takeaway from Christian’s session will be:

1. Growing your business with a new perspective

2. Mindshift moments that is a game-changer

3. How to create new content for your tired old deck