Ashley Fell

Speaker Bio

Ashley Fell is a social researcher, author, TEDx speaker and Director of Advisory at the internationally recognised McCrindle. From her extensive experience in media and communications, Ashley advises on how to achieve cut through in message-saturated times, and her expertise is in how to communicate across generational barriers. She is the author of two books on leadership and generational insights: Work Wellbeing and Generation Alpha.

In addition to delivering keynote presentations at conferences, Ashley is booked to conduct training days for corporate and not for profit clients, facilitate panels across an array of industries and deliver workshops across diverse generations. From generational change to the impact of technology, from key demographic transformations to social trends, Ashley delivers research-based presentations analysing the global and national megatrends. 

With academic qualifications in communications, an ongoing role in deploying and analysing national research studies, and with her position leading the advisory team at McCrindle, Ashley brings robust, research-based content to her engaging presentations and consulting.


The future of the Speakerverse- The power of storytelling to engage the next generation of event attendees

The emerging generations of event attendees are digital, visual, and global in outlook, and they expect information to be presented in compelling ways. In an era of message-saturation, the challenge for great speakers is to deliver quality content that will cut-through and have impact. In this session, social researcher, author and TEDx speaker Ashley Fell, will share the latest research findings into the emerging generation of event attendees, so that the professional speaking community can continue to inform and inspire audiences as the times continue to change. 

The 3 Key takeaway from Ashley’s session will be:

1.Who the next generation of event attendees are

2.How to best communicate with them

3.Why storytelling is so powerful in a digital era