Arthur Carmazzi
Speaker Bio

Founder of the Directive Communication Psychology, Bestselling Author, Ranked as one of the World’s Top 10 Thought Leaders in Leadership and Company Culture


Speakers and NFTs in the New Metaverse- A practical approach without the hype

Web3 has accelerated the emergence of New marketing and motivation structures that are easily applied and drastically augment the speaker business. As speakers we succeed as we build our brands, get better results, and create more edutainment where audiences are excited and even motivated to act on our wisdom.

NFT Strategies can support all of these and put you years ahead of most of the industry. NFTs are already being used in community development, supporting causes, building big brands, exciting audiences to action and accelerating business growth. Everything from Book Launches to events to supporting organizations in achieving results… and new models incorporating the metaverse take you to the next level in perpetuating your wisdom for eternity. 

The key takeaways from his session will be:

1. What NFTs are really

2. How speakers can leverage on NFTs to expand their brand and fanbase

3. How the metaverse will make you immortal and how you can profit from it now