About The Event

Five themes over five days

Day 1 – 31 Aug 2020

What’s Happening: The world and us

The uncertainties—what is happening and how long will it last? What is the economic and business impact, what is the impact on professional speaking and how can you succeed in this environment?


Day 2 – 1 Sept 2020

Who You Need to Be: Your message, influence and reach

In a world overrun by noise and suffering its own Infodemic, how do you achieve influence with integrity, build trust, and be relevant?


Day 3 – 2 Sept 2020

Where Do You Focus: Business models and revenue opportunities

With changing times comes changing ways of doing business and creating value, how can you create new business models and new value propositions, is it time to partner or to go big and be bold?


Day 4 – 3 Sept 2020

How Do You Do It: The technology and tools of today’s speaking business

With an overwhelm of technology, new apps, equipment and skills demand attention, which ones are right for you to connect, engage and impact?


Day 5 – 4 Sept 2020

Who You Are: Your mindset and potential

Your audience needs this and so DO YOU! How do you ensure you can bring the right mindset in to WALK INTO A NEW FUTURE, with the right combination of adaptive resilience, hope and optimism, creativity, pragmatism, and humanity, or is it something else?

All The APSC20 Labs

A brief introduction of all APSC20 labs

Professionals Giving Back

The APS Convention is where successful professional speakers give back to the speaking community by sharing their insights, knowledge and experience with their peers.

Become part of the Inner Circle

The who’s who of professional speaking in Asia will attend the APS Convention. Come and get to know the Asia Professional Speaking community.

A Warm and Friendly Community

The APSS community is all about learning from each other and helping each other become better.

Learn from the best

APSS has one of the highest percentages of Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs) of any speaker association. Come and learn from them.

Why You Should Attend

As professional speakers, we are paid to inspire and educate our audiences. To be able to continue to do that on a world-class level, we too need to make sure we have the latest knowledge and skills. Come and learn from – and network with – some of the very best professional speakers from around the world. 

The inspiration and energy that you will get from this event will keep you going for the rest of the year.

Professional Networking
Learning and Development
Inspiration and motivation

Do not miss this opportunity to take your speaking
to the next level.

Whether you are an experienced professional speaker or just starting out on your journey,
the Asia Professional Speakers Convention is the one event to attend. Sign up now.

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