Professional Speakers from all Over the World Converge in Singapore in May for the Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2019

More than 200 professional speakers from more than 30 countries, across five continents, will meet in Singapore – 10th to 11th May – to talk about the future of professional speaking amidst the escalating disruption to business globally, at the Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2019 (APSC19).

Themed “Speak the Future”, the convention aims to provide insights on pertinent issues affecting the speaking industry, as this sector grapples with ensuring its continued relevance as we all move through the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Like all industries, professional speaking is not immune to massive disruption. Today we have 100,000 TEDx speakers, free online courses by some of the best professors in the world, robots gracing stages, holograms already a ‘thing,’ and artificial intelligence (AI) is writing speeches that can predict an audience’s response with a higher level of accuracy.

Our clients are facing massive change as well, as they define the future of work and the disruption expected to challenge structures that define an “employee,” with Millennials already 50 per cent of the workforce, and the first Gen Z’ers now clocking into the office.

As businesses rush to adapt to the new digital world, they are also facing the impact of the gig economy, inequality, distrust, fake news, social activism, blockchain, people power, infobesity, job losses, machine learning, employee engagement, customer experience, autonomous vehicles, climate change, and so much more.

Professional speakers are delivering content that is set against a backdrop that’s rapidly challenging itself, and we face a challenge to disrupt ourselves to ensure we serve our clients even more effectively as they are being disrupted themselves.

Now in its twelfth year, APSC19 puts the focus on Asia, home to many untapped speaking talents. According to Fredrik Härén, president of the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) and Global Keynote Speaker on Creativity, Innovation and Change:

Asia is destined to become the largest market for professional speakers, as it is becoming the powerhouse growth engine of the world. But today, there are not enough experienced speakers in Asia. With this convention, we want to help develop the professional speaking industry in this region, as well as those seeking to increase their speaking skills for their work.

Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS), for which I’m proud to be president this year, hosts APSC19 and our members are collectively driving this change in Asia. We are actively seeking and empowering the immense talent in this region, to help them get ready to succeed on global stages. Our annual Convention is a key component of that drive,” concluded Fredrik Härén.

APSC19 is also for aspiring professional speakers to learn from experienced professionals, to build their networks, and grow their speaking business. Attendees from as far as Russia and Mauritius will hear from prominent figures in the speaking community for two full days of keynotes and panels.

Andrea Edwards, The Digital Conversationalist, attended her first Convention in 2014, when she was still working at Microsoft.

“My first Convention blew my mind. I was floored by how every speaker and attendee gave so much away, to ensure we could all leave with a roadmap to success. It was completely inspiring, and it spurred me on, giving me wings! Five years later, I’ve built a very successful speaking, training and consulting business, based out of Phuket for the last 18 months, and I am one person that can truly say: If you didn’t need to earn money, how would you spend your time? Well I’d be doing what I get to do right now. It’s such a privilege.

“I cannot overstate how amazing the professional speaking community is in supporting its members to flourish and succeed. Professional speaking is not an easy path to success, but with this community behind you, it’s a smoother journey. I also want to encourage women to attend and learn. We still do not have equality on the world’s stages and the only way to make sure this happens, is to step up and claim our space on the stage. If you are a professional speaker, want to be a professional speaker, or know that learning to speak will help your career, this is a not-to-be-missed event – male or female. I promise,” concluded Andrea Edwards.

At APSC19, we are seeking to answer:

  1. How are today’s hot issues relevant to us as professional speakers?
  2. What will the future of professional speaking look like?
  3. How can we, as professional speakers, impact the world during this time of radical change?
  4. How can we help the world transform, through our profession?
  5. What digital tools can we adopt to make our work easier and our presentations even more impactful?

Our speaker line-up


The Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) is the leading professional speaker’s association in Asia, with more than 200 members and one of the highest percentages of Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs) of any professional speaker association in the world. Founded in 2004, its mission is to develop the professional speaking industry and to grow the community of speakers in Asia. The APSS also organises the Asia Professional Speakers Convention held annually in Singapore.

For more information about APSS, visit asiaspeakers.org.

To get tickets for the APSC19, go to https://www.asiaprofessionalspeakersconvention.com/tickets/.


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