Who do you think you are, asks our next speaker

Our next speaker, Dr. Tanvi Gautam, challenges us to evaluate ourselves and look behind the scenes of the work that must be undertaken to create the future. She will be focusing on the tools we can use to move past the gates of hell to get to the desired future state. Catch this exciting talk at the Asia Professional Speakers Convention on May 10 & 11.

tanvi_gautam_speakerDr. Tanvi Gautam is a bestselling author, speaker and coach on transformational leadership in the age of disruption. Workforce magazine (US) listed her as a “Game Changer”, and she is on the board of ARTDO and a corporate storytelling and narrative coach.

What role do you believe technology will have on future stages and how do you think this will impact professional speaking?

“When used consistently, with authenticity and intention, technology allows us to expand both our range and reach with the audience.

Range because tools allow us to converse with a wider diversity of audience members even before we get on the stage. Reach because our words and ideas stay alive way longer than the time we actually speak on stage.”