Thank you.

Letter to all delegates of the Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2018.

Thank you.As the chair of the Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2019 (APSC19) I want to personally thank you for making the Asia Professional Speakers Convention such a memorable event.

Some highlights:
– You played an important part in turning the convention into the most global speaker convention in the world. (250 delegates from 25 countries, 34 speakers from 13 countries)
– We raised 30 000 SGD for charity to give the gift of speech to people who lack it today.
– Together we created, I felt, a convention that was friendly, inviting, positive and giving: resulting in an environment very suited for human growth – and we learnt so much about how to become better as speakers.

I sincerely hope you felt that you grew and that you got value. As a speaker, as a business person – and as a human being.

I hope we will see you at the Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2019!

Please sign up here:


To sign up for convention + Associate Membership in APSS:


To sign up for convention + Professional Membership in APSS:


The price of 450 SGD is guaranteed to be the lowest price for 2019 (we are going to raise regular prices slightly this year, so take advantage of this opportunity to get the lowest possible price by signing up now.)

(If you are not yet a member of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) – the organising speaker association behind the convention, please consider joining and join this giving community of speakers. (www.asiaspeakers.org for more info)

PLEASE NOTE: Convention will VERY likely (99% chance) be 10 – 11 May 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer expires at MIDNIGHT 31 December 2018 –  U.S. Pacific time 😉

As I said in my closing remarks: This convention was just a seedling.
Now we want to see it grow.

We would love it if you could:

a) Email the link above to at least one person who was not at the convention but who you think would appreciate to be there next year.

b) Do a post on social media with a picture from the convention and a short post about what is gave you and add the link above and urge them to sign up today.

Thank you.

Let’s see if we can double in size in 2019. 😉

3) As organisers we want to GROW as well. Please send me an email with at least one thing that worked very well and at least one thing you wish we would improve for next year, together with any suggestions on world class speakers you think would fit our convention next year.

(Send your feedback to fredrik.haren@interesting.org.

Also please fill out the feedback form on:



See you in Singapore in May 2019!

** fredrik ** Convention chair Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2018. (fredrik.haren@interesting.org)

ps. I would love to personally connect with you on Linkedin to keep the conversation going for next years convention – http://linkedin.com/in/fredrikharen/