Call for Speakers is now out! (If you want to apply to speak click on "call for speakers" in the menu above.) Speakers will be selected in Dec 2017 and announced beginning of 2018. But in order to give a teaser of what you can expect for the 2018 convention we are VERY happy to announce the first few speakers who have already been selected. (See below). Many, many more great speakers to be announced later.

Stefan Verra

Body language expert (Germany)

Ron Kaufman

Keynote speaker (Singapore)

Brenda Bence (CSP, CSPGlobal)

Keynote Speaker (Singapore)

Shirley Taylor (CSP)

Current GSF President (Singapore)

Manoj Vasudevan

World Champion Public Speaking 2017 (Singapore)

Jerome Joseph (CSP, CSPGlobal)

APSS President (Singapore)